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Photo taken by Johann Garces

I knew I wanted to be a journalist the day the Twin Towers fell. I was 8 and 2,767 miles away in Los Angeles, but we still checked the skies to see if the next plane would be for us.

I don't know why, but I knew if I didn't write it down, it never happened. I wrote the story on my grandmother’s flowery bedspread, on lined paper with a black Sharpie. I sketched the two buildings with crooked windows and stick people leaping out of them.My lede started with a vague pronoun, but it going to have to do.

“It was 9:59 a.m. People were going to work, taking their kids to school, eating breakfast. And the Towers fell.”

No one read my 150-word paragraph because no one in my house spoke English. But as a kid, the article helped make sense of a confusing world, where a single act left an entire nation scared and weeping.

Since then, I’ve tried to help others make sense of a confusing world by telling compelling stories. I’ve worked primarily at the Gainesville Sun, where I’ve written about everything from illegal immigrants to the birth of quintuplets. I’ve also worked at WUFT Noticias as a broadcast writer, which involved squeezing two pages of information into 20 seconds, all written and broadcast in Spanish.

I also have experience in marketing industry as a graphic designer for the University of Florida Department of Housing and Residence Education. While fulfilling my roles as a designer, I also conducted interviews, wrote press releases, copy-edited booklets and helped with the department’s promotional videos.

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