Places I've Been

Downtown Las Vegas where Hangover was filmed.

Throughout my life I have had the privilege to be able to travel all across the county. The main reason why I have got to see so many beautiful places is because of sports; track & field and basketball. I’ve been as high as Maine, and as far as California. With traveling I have had the luxury to appreciate different cultures and realized how blessed I am to get to experience these things. I have been to at least twenty states so far in my life and want to make that number much larger. Later this year I will get the chance to go to the Bahamas for a basketball tournament. Traveling is another passion of mine along with basketball. I enjoy changing up the scenery and seeing what else the world has to offer other than the sunshine state. I have been able to see up close some historic sites. In Atlanta I was able to see the place where Martin Luther King Jr. resided, the church that got bombed in Alabama, stock exchange in Chicago, and went to the city that doesn't sleep, New York City.