Life After Basketball

In Micheal Khors.

As you all know sports, or in my case basketball is not going to last forever. You have to have a back plan or something in mind that you may want to do when your playing career is over. I want to have a couple businesses and give back to the community, not only where I came from but to other places as well. Two businesses that I was thinking about investing in are a shoe brand and a watch company. Those are my two addictions so I would love to actually have my own products out there on the market to sell. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time so I kind of have an idea of what I want each to look like. In the process of producing it I want to make sure that I make my products affordable. I also have thought about having a non-profit company but not so sure what purpose it will be serving just yet

In addition, to being my own boss and a having a few businesses I want to coach basketball. I love teaching and helping kids when it comes to making themselves better on and off the court. I have a lot of knowledge already and still have more to learn but this is something I could definitely see myself doing in the future. I would preferably want to coach at the college level at a big BCS school. One reason is because on the college level it is much more exciting. The fans get really involved and it is just a totally different atmosphere from the professional level or high school. Another reason why is because you get the chance to impact kids life at a crucial stage. They are growing up from kids into young adults by the time they leave. You have the power to be a huge influence on them.