Biography of Jaterra Bonds

JT at hotel in Las Vegas.

My name is Jaterra Bonds and I am originally from Gainesville, Florida. I first want to give you a little background information about myself, so the next couple of paragraphs will explain that. The most important thing about me is that God is the head of my life and he is my Savior. Most of life I grew up in a single parent home, because my parents got a divorce when I was about five years old. My parents’ names are Beverly Rowe-Bonds and Claude Bonds. They had two kids which were my brother Marqus and I. We grew up being very close and our relationship has grown even closer the older we get. He is four years older than me, in the Navy, and is married with two girls now.

I grew up with sports all around me mostly because my dad was coach in about every sport, and he started my brother and I out at a very young age. I started playing basketball when my Dad’s city league team was getting ready for a game and one of the players did not show up. I was always with him when he was coaching, so he decided to put me in the game, and here I am now playing basketball for the University of Florida. When I first started playing basketball I was also involved in track and field also, but that stopped when after my mother broke her ankle at one of my meets.

Currently I am attending UF and will be graduating in the spring of 2014 with half of my master completed in Telecommunications. After I graduate I plan on continuing my basketball career and taking it to the next level whether it is in the WNBA or overseas.