About Me:

My name is Ciera Battleson, I’m a student at the University of Florida and a developing photographer.

A little bit about my past may help you understand why I came to revolve my world around images.

As a child, I moved around multiple states that kiss the border of Canada, i.e: New York, Michigan and Minnesota. This moving around not only happened state wise, but city wise as well. During my younger years, my mother would photograph me with my friends and family in all the different locations I had lived. As I got older I turned to some of these photographs and recalled the memories they brought back. I decided at that moment that I wanted to be a photographer. I wanted to capture the moments that are locked in time, moments that don’t fade and moments that no one can touch.

After this was decided, I found the family camera and took it everywhere with me. I took pictures of people, my friends, my little sister, myself, the sky, the water, my pets; you name it. Sure some of the images were a little strange or maybe a little bad, but they were my images to cherish all that was close to me at a given point in time.

I eventually got much better and this led to me wanting to help others cherish moments through photographs as well. I began photographing performances, people, weddings, and portraits of all kinds. I am still developing my talent and continue to educate myself in modern photographic technology.

While I am very much into portrait and event photography, I am also a freelance writer and photojournalist. When I’m not setting up or planning a shoot, I like to be involved in what’s currently going on; hoping to capture the moment that can speak for itself.

I was a previous arts and entertainment editor/ staff photographer for Daytona State College’s newspaper, In Motion, and I am currently a freelance photographer for the Independent Florida Alligator. For more information, questions, job offers or compliments regarding my work feel free to contact me through this website.