Sarah E. Amann


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Considering how important success and fulfillment are to me, I spend a great deal of my time preparing for my future and researching potential career options. Due to my prior experience in a number of fields, I hope to one day find a career that allows me to incorporate my passions for: philanthropy, politics, and fashion.

Although I am very busy and have little time to rest, some of my favorite hobbies include: spending time with family and friends, listening to indie music, learning more about my interests, and most of all traveling.

While family is very important to me and I have loved being a Florida native, I hope to move to Washington D.C. upon graduation. Although I will miss my family very much and the Florida sunshine, I view having the opportunity to explore a new city as extremely exciting and life-changing.

Although I am still not certain what my future holds in terms of a career or location, I believe that the most important thing is to be fulfilled and happy in one's professional and personal life and I hope to continue to achieve this.