Pyramid in Costa Maya, Mexico

I've only visited a few places so far. I hope to go to many more places in the future!

I took a trip to England with my parents, sisters, grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin when I was 12. That was the only time I've ever been to Europe. It was a special trip because my family has a mostly English heritage. We stayed in a house in the English countryside that was built around the time that Elizabeth I was queen. We ventured daily to different locations around the country, like downtown London, the site of the Battle of Hastings, and Stonehenge, to name a few.

Cruises, Cruises, and more Cruises!

Most of the travelling I've done since high school has been on cruises. I've gone with my family, my fiance's family, and my friends. Through all the cruises I've been on, I've visited several cities in the Bahamas and in Mexico.

Future Plans

I've already started planning some of my dream vacations for the future. I'm going to New Orleans and Las Vegas for the first time this summer with my family. I'm hoping to go to Hawaii on my honeymoon in summer 2013. My ultimate dream vacation is Greece. I'd love to see some of the ancient statues, temples, landmarks, etc. I would alo like to visit Italy one day, mostly because I would love to try all the authentic Italian food!