I'm a Serious Movie Buff!

Part of my movie collection

Seeing movies in theaters

I like to try to see a movie in theaters every week. A teacher once told me that filmmakers intended for their movies to be seen on a big screen, so I think that's the best way to enjoy a new movie. Before the Academy Awards each year, I always try to see the movies that are nominated for awards in theaters so I can form an opinion about which movies I think are going to win.

Some of my favorites

I like movies that are based greatly on dialogue and characters, so I'm not a big fan of action films or horror stories. I also don't look for many special effects in a movie to make it good. Simply a good script, talented actors, and at least a couple good funny lines; that's all I need to enjoy my movie watching experience. My favorite movies are Almost Famous, The Social Network, and Sixteen Candles. My favorite script writer is Aaron Sorkin. I like a bunch of acotrs and acresses. Right now, my two favorites are probably Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan.