Start-up Companies: A productive way to waste time.

"If you can't get a job, make one up."

I have worked at a variety of Gainesville start-up companies, and currently work at the Florida Innovation Hub at UF. These are the companies that I have worked for:


Position Title: Digital Media Strategist

RegisterPatient is a health 2.0 start-up based out of Gainesville, Florida. RegisterPatient was founded by David Williams, a R.N. who saw a need for the technology working at the VA hopsital, and has been under development for the past 5 years. The idea behind RegisterPatient is that patients should not have to wait until they arrive to their doctor's appointment to fill out their new patient information. We are in the digital age, and patients should not be bothered with clipboards.

Internship Program Director

Starting in Spring 2012, I began the RegisterPatient internship program. As the only digital marketing intern for Fall 2011, I was constantly coming up with ideas that were too broad or difficult for me to manage by myself. I knew that this kind of issue came with the territory of working at a start-up company, but it was holding me back.


In January 2011, I took advantage of our proximity to the University of Florida and hired 15 digital marketing interns. This is a great deal for me, since I get an army of interns, but also a fantastic deal for the partcipants of the internship program. The digital marketing skills they are learning on the job can't be taught in the classroom, and make them unique candidates for their future career ventures.

Social Media Manager

My original job was the social media manager at RegisterPatient. Apparently, I was doing a great job at it. By November, I began to get into other aspects of marketing because I began realizing that it wasn't the most important aspect of our marketing mix.

Working at RegisterPatient, I used the social media talents that I gained from creating The Estate Guides to manage their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Foursquare accounts.


Position Title: Ikea Furniture Assembler

In an effort to get a better idea of what start-up companies are like, I took a job putting furniture together at Grooveshark during the summer of 2011. Putting together IKEA furniture for two days isn't necessarily my idea of fun, but I gained exposure and motivation from the experience.


Position Title: Social Marketing Strategist

During November 2011, I was far enough along than the pathway to becoming an entrepreneur that I was subscribed to a variety of UF entrepreneur e-mail lists. One day, I got an looking for a group of students interested in doing a social marketing case study for an up and coming app that was "backed by one of the founders of Facebook."

Knowing that the app was backed by a Facebook founder, I immediately replied and volunteered to participate. The project was a 10-day long quest, and entailed getting over 1,000 UF students to sign up for the app. At the end of the assignment, I was given a $200 apple gift card for producing the best results out of all of the participants. Working at Quillt was a lot of fun, and has taken a huge chunk out of my iPad3 savings fund.

The Estate Guides

Position Title: Founder & Social Media Manager

The Estate Guides was my original project, and my ticket to the start-up world. On June 1, 2011 I decided that I wanted to come up with some sort of website. I have had an interest in real estate for a long time now, and thought that would be a good topic for my first website.

Since this was my first introduction into the tech scene, I didn't know how to do any kind of website design so I used WordPress Eventually, I got myself situated with websites and hosted my account through GoDaddy.

Like many websites, The Estate Guides had its biggest day on Kim Kardashian's wedding day. To get this "Kardashian traffic," I found information on the estate where the wedding was held and posted an article featuring details about her wedding venue. Using some sneaky SEO tactics, I was able to get the top ranking for a variety of keywords relating to her wedding video and made some money off of Google AdSense.

Florida Innovation Hub at UF

Position Title: Management Intern

Starting in Spring 2012, I managed to get myself a gig as a management intern at the Florida Innovation Hub at UF. Over the summer, I drove by the construction site every day and constantly wondered what was going to be inside.

There was a sign out front that said something about economics, so I knew that building was going to be legitimate. When the building opened, I made an effort to find a reason to go there. After doing some searching I found out there was going to be a technology entrepreneur boot camp at the hub, so I quickly signed up.

After attending the entreprenurship bootcamp, I volunteered to become an intern so I could find out more about what is going on in this unique building. It turns that there is actually a lot going on in this mysterious building, and I have really enjoyed my work as an intern there this semester.