Social Media: Management, Blogging

"Famous on the internet."


I began doing social media management and blogging when I created The Estate Guides and really enjoyed it. Althought social media management can be mildly addictive, it has greatly advanced my digital marketing skillset.

The Estate Guides: A Luxury Real Estate Blog

Part of my own "start-up" The Estate Guides, I was the social media manager. Through social media marketing strategies and SEO, I was able to drive large amounts of traffic to the website and gain advertising revenues through Google Adsense.

Joey Paggi: Love Games 3

Twitter Followers: 10,000

One of my fraternity brothers was selected to be on the Oxygen Network's "Love Games 3." The show was continuously ranking in the top 10 on the social tv charts, but Joey's lack of knowledge about social media was preventing him from gaining a fan base. Realizing that this would give me my first opportunity to test my twitter marketing skills on an actual person instead of a product or brand, I stepped up to the plate and volunteered to be his social media manager. Using TweetAdder & HootSuite, I was able to get him from 300 followers to over 10,000.


To gain followers I set up TweetAdder to strategically follow anyone who is talking about the show on Twitter or is following popular castmates from the series. When I first started working on the Twitter account, he only had 300 followers and most of them were UF students who had previously been friends with. Once I started utilizing the Twitter marketing software, I was able to gain hundreds of followers for the account per day.

I wouldn't call this my most professional venture in social media management, but it has been one of my most successful. By monitoring the "social tv" charts, I was able to recognize that the reality show was continuously ranking in the top 10 because its target audience was highly social. This gave me a huge advantage in gaining followers because I was able to automatically follow anyone using popular keywords and hashtags related to Love Games 3.


My original work at RegisterPatient was to find out how to market the healthcare software through social media.

Youth & Swagger

My newest social media project is a blog for "young gentleman." My goal for this project is to have companies send me free products to blog about. The site is currently a work in progress, but I'm hoping that my plan for unlimited free merchandise will prove prosperous by summer 2012.


Recently, I have started using LinkedIn to expand my professional network online. I have joined a variety of professional groups focused on technology start-ups, Web 2.0, and digtal media marketing.

Through participation in these groups, I am able to make a professional reputation for myself through the internet and expand my professional connections. I have found that participating in LinkedIn discussions has a seemingly large payout for the relatively minimal level of work required to utilize the social network.