Digital Media Conferences: More than just a Gainesville escape.

Mashable, IBM, UF: A power trio.

It's always a good time when a group of tech-obsessed individuals group together to talk about potential ideas.

IBM Lotusphere 2012- Orlando, Florida

This is the most recent conference that I attended. It took place at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.


Mashable Media Summit- New York, New York

During November 2011, RegisterPatient sent me to New York City for the Mashable Media Summit. It exposed me to the future of digital media, and is one of the main reasons I decided to learn how to code HTML5. At the Mashable Media Summit, I got to see Pete Cashmore speak, which was a very inspiring moment in my digital media career.


One of the reasons that I even took MMC3260 in the first place was because of the summit. The beginning of the conference covered the digital media trends of 2012 and HTML5 was very close to the top. From that moment on, I knew that if I wanted to be relevant in the world of digital media I needed to be proficient in HTML5. When I saw HTML5 listed on the course syllabus, I recalled the heads up I had received and quickly registered for the class.

UF Technology Entrepreneur Bootcamp

To be completely honest with you, this was my least favorite conference. Not because it was boring, but because it was in Gainesville. I enjoy the travel part of conferences, possibly more than I enjoy the actually conferences themselves. Living near 2nd ave, the site of the future "Innovation Square," I found myself constantly wondering what was going to go inside of the massive building that was being constructed during the summer of 2011.

When I got the opportunity to attend a 3-day workshop at the innovation hub, I couldn't pass up on the opportunity. The speakers at the boot camp were high-caliber entrepreneurs and masters of their fields, and taught us all the ins and outs of doing what they do. The collaboration with the University of Florida allows the innovation hub to bring in Florida's leading names in business. These big names set the innovation hub apart from anything else on campus.

The subjects covered at the bootcamp: