Tom Regan ready for Work


Accounting Intern

Shands Office of Development January 2012-Present

As an Accounting intern at Shands Office of Development, I get great hands-on experience with Accounting at a Non-Profit company. My jobs include: keeping track of incoming donations, updating computer records for any changes in payments and cash receipts, and finding discrepencies whenever Account totals do not match up. I really enjoy getting to do actual Accounting to supplement what I am learning in class and am beginning to learn about what the Accounting profession entails.

Administrative Assistant

Allen, Dyer, Doppelt, Milbrath, & Gilchrist May-August 2008-2011

Although Law School is not in my immediate plans, I have always considered it a possibility and business is so dependent on the law that understanding as much as possible about it can only help. As an Administrative Assistant at ADDMG, I have learned about various legal principles and how to work in a professional environment. My jobs include: proofreading patents received from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office before sending them out to clients, updating computer records, and doing any other necessary administrative tasks.

You can learn more about my experience and involvement by viewing my Resume

Why Accounting?

I didn't grow up wanting to be an Accountant. Even when I came to the University of Florida, I was still unsure. I chose Accounting because I felt like it gave me the best overall business knowledge and a great knowledge base to go into any field of business. Accounting also offers a lot of great job opportunities, and that is what College is for right? Although it has not been easy so far, I have learned a lot and am glad that I chose Accounting.


Short Run

I am looking for an Accounting, Real Estate, or Finance internship in the summer of 2012. I also am always trying to learn and improve myself through reading, media, and life experiences

Long Run

Ever since I was a kid, I have always wanted to own my own business. With interests from Real Estate, to the Internet, to Investing, and beyond; the hardest thing has been figuring out exactly what kind of business and which of my passions to focus on. By keeping an entrepreneurial view of the world, making great relationships with people, working hard, and not being afraid to take chances, the sky is the limit and I am confident that I will eventually achieve my dream.