I have played basketball and soccer since I was four years old. Even though, I no longer play as much competitively, Orlando Magic  Logo from I enjoy playing pick-up games whenever I can and play on my fraternity's intramural teams. I also try to lift weights a few times a week to keep healthy and fight off the weight that can be easy to gain in college.

I am a big sports fan and my favorite team is the Orlando Magic. I went to many Orlando Magic games with my dad throughout my childhood and continue to keep up with the team as much as I can. The Dwight Howard trade request has taken a huge emotional toll on me and I often wonder why I let myself care about a team I have no control over. However, the hope of a championship keeps me loyal.


I have read over twenty books since the start of the summer and enjoy laying by the pool with my kindle in hand. I enjoy reading business books, sports books and the occassional novel. I read about and pay attention to the stock market and Real Estate market so that I can learn more about intelligent investing.

At Kappa Sigma Formal with brothers, JJ and Trevor


I enjoy traveling to all different places, but I especially enjoy beaches and the warm weather. My favorite places I have ever been to are St John's in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Bermuda. I have also been to Europe, as is shown on my Study Abroad page. My favorite part about traveling is getting to see and experience new things and I am always surprised by the uniqueness of each place that I go.


I am a brother of Kappa Sigma Fraternity and really enjoy going out with my fellow brothers and attending social events. I have made many incredible friends and always enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and frequent Gainesville's finest nighttime establishments.