Me and my mom at the Eiffel Tower

I went to Paris this past summer. I remember I was really excited to go because I was going to be able to practice my French. However, I found that I really didn't like Paris all that much. I guess I was expecting it to be just like the movies, and I don't mean to say it was terrible, but it wasn't the "city of love" I expected. The one thing I did absolutely love about France though, was the food. I didn't go to a single restaurant in which I didn't love my food. Apart from Paris, I have also been to Lille a couple of times. I find that city to be gorgeous and I think the people there are much friendlier.

The Netherlands

My parents currently live in The Netherlands, so I've been going there every six months for the past year and a half. The Netherlands are pretty cool. I am amazed with the dedication people have in regards to riding their bikes. I think I see The Netherlands as some place that came out of a fairy tale. There are many old buildings that resemble castles (some even are castles), there are many lakes and there is a lot of nature.The one thing I dislike is the weather. I have to wear a sweater even when it is summer. The cities I recommend going to the most are Gouda (as in Gouda cheese), which is nice and traditional, and Rotterdam, which is more modern.


La Pedrera

I went to Barcelona this past Christmas, and as much as it pains me to say, it competes against Mexico City in terms of being my favorite city in the world. The food in Barcelona is excellent, people are generally nice and the architecture is amazing, especially that designed by Antoni Gaudi. My favorite building designed by him is called La Pedrera. I fell in love with its unusual wave-like shape and its nature-resembling structures.However, I think the reason why I liked Barcelona the most, was because I was able to see where some of my culture came from. In some way, Barcelona felt like home.

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