My Travels

Mt. Washington, NH

L-R: My Dad, My friend Ray, and Me on Mt. Washington in New Hampshire

I love to travel. I've only traveled up and down the east coast of America and I've never traveled abroad (yet), but I'm always on the go. I love taking road trips and I also love to fly.

Orginally I'm from Connecticut, so naturally I travel to New England to visit family as often as I can. New England is a very beautiful place to live and visit, especially in the fall and winter seasons.

I've been to Mt. Washington in New Hampshire a few times now, and I'm planning on going there this spring break. The picture you see here is from a trip to Mt. Washington back in January of 2006. As you can see, the views are amazing during the winter time. It's also very cold there! Even though I'm orignally from up north, the temperatures are very frigid when you go up a mountain.