My Family

My family at Universal Studios Orlando

L-R: Me, Thing 1, my son Skyler, Thing 2, and my girlfriend Jamie at
Universal Studios Orlando

My mother, Phyllis, has always been an inspiration to me. She raised me with good morals and taught me how to be the respectable man that I am today. Everything I am, I owe to her.

I've been dating my girlfriend Jamie for almost three years now. It has been the best three years of my life thus far. She has a little boy named Skyler, which I have accepted as my own. He was 10 months old when we first met; he's three years old now. Both of them inspire me every day to be the best at everything I do. I plan on marrying Jamie one day and growing our family even more.

Jamie is currently studying at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, FL to be a Sonogram Technician. We both should be finishing school at about the same time.

We love to travel together as a family every chance that we get. This picture is from one of many trips we've taken to Universal Studios Orlando. Skyler loves Dr. Suess characters and Shrek the most.