Education and Communication

Environmental awareness activities with children in the Amazon region of Colombia
Children at Margarita Nassau elementary school in Puerto Narino, Amazonas, Colombia. Photo by Marcela Velasco.


As an undergraduate I worked in the Amazon and Orinoco regions in Colombia with Fundacion Omacha. This Non-governmental organization focuses on the conservation of aquatic ecosystems and species such as pink river dolphins and manatees. I developed educational activities in primary schools to increase awareness for aquatic ecosystems.

As part of my thesis I also developed a booklet about caimans based on real life stories gathered from interviews with local people.

In my home town I worked as a science teacher at the elementary level and I was also the environmental program coordinator.

Paleontology exhibit inauguration day at Punta Culebra Nature Center, Panama. Video by Luz Helena Oviedo


In collaboration with scientists and educators, I participated in the design of a paleontology exhibit in Punta Culebra Nature Center at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

The video features the opening day. People were able to visit the exhibit and to interact with paleontologists working at the Panama Canal expansion area.

In collaboration with researcher Catalina Pimiento, we developed an educator's guide on fossil sharks as part of the exhibit. The activity fosters several scientific skills and attitudes such as observation, comparison and respect for others opinion.

Screenshot of Panama Canal Project e-newsletter
Panama Canal Project monthly e-newsletter.

United States

As a graduate student I have had the opportunity to participate in an NSF funded project-PCP-PIRE and to work as the editor of the project's E-Newsletter.

This outlet targets the participants of the project and aims to keep faculty, students and stakeholders up to date on the project's research and outreach activities.

You can view past issues here.