Paints, pastels and pencils. Oh my.

A tropical three-piece painting

I was always that kid that used ketchup as paint and a French fry as a brush. I would always try to make new inventions with a paper cup and a few pieces of tape.

My mother saw I had this creative streak in me, so she entered me into my first art class at the age of 7.

Almost 15 years later, my passion for art is just as strong as it was then. I have been in countless art shows, even winning a few of them. It is a thrill to have people appreciate something that I created.

The fact that I can take something in my head and then create it in front of me is a gift that I believe I am blessed with. My mother's house looks like an art gallery that is dedicated to my work. Art has allowed me to be free, creative and relaxed.

My favorite medium is acrylic paint, although this has proven to be challenging. Acrylic paints dry faster than oils, so you must blend the colors before you are stuck with something you do not like.

Acrylic paints are vibrant and can create beautiful paintings, A water color painting of a house but perhaps the medium that I am best using is oil pastels. Although extremely messy, oil pastels allow you to manipulate colors and shapes even after they dry. I like using surprising colors to add interest and emotion to the piece.

I also enjoy sculpting with clay, although this is the area that I need the most work in. I have created clay fish, roses and pots, but I plan on sculpting a human form soon. I always believe that human subjects bring more emotion to a piece than just using pretty flowers or scenes. I believe a clay figurine would be a great piece to add to my portfolio. I look forward to creating it at UF's art center, where I am a member.

Here are some of my favorite artists of all time: