Follow in the footsteps of Cara

Cara hitting a Gator drum

Take a look around to learn a little about me.

My grandpa calls me Cara Character, and that's just what I am. I'm just a hard-working girl who wishes she could be lazy, an artist with no time to paint and a Jersey girl who does not fist pump. I now find myself as a University of Florida student, but this could not possibly describe all that I do. Although I am an assistant editor at the Graduate Editorial Office and a reporter for the Gainesville Sun, I don't believe our jobs define "what we do." I think the fact that I attend church each week, play with my loveable doggy Riley every day, volunteer with those who are less fortunate and try to be a good friend makes me who I am.

There is one thing I do each day that keeps me sane during 12 straight hours of work at my jobs: I try to perform three good deeds throughout the day. Whether it is holding the door open for someone far away, giving up my bus seat for somebody or taking the time to help a friend, I believe these good deeds keep me level-headed and clear-minded.

There is one thing that I am sure of, though. It will always be great to be a Florida Gator!.