Huazhong University of Science & Technology

I hold a bachelor's degree in Chinese Literature and a master's degree in Ancient Chinese Linguistics from the Huazhong University of Science & Technology, a top-ten university in China.

University of Florida

Currently, I am a second year graduate student majoring International/Intercultural Communication at the College of Journalism and Communication at the University of Florida.

Professional Experiences

China Central (National) Television Station (CCTV)

I got an internship at China Central (National) Television Station (CCTV) in 2006. The program I worked for was a daily show that focused on problems that arise during adolescence. During the four months I was there, I produced two episodes for the show. The first episode I produced was about how to let children realize and appreciate how devoted their parents are to them. The second one was about how a child star keeps a normal life while being in the entertainment industry. When each of my show ideas passed, I was responsible for every aspect of the program, including finding the interviewees and the on-camera experts, scheduling interviews, writing scripts, editing and coordinating everything in the studio.

Legend Publishing Group

After I got my master's degree, I had the opportunity to join the Legend Publishing Group. The Legend bimonthly, which I worked for, had the longest history among the publishing group's 19 magazines, and is also among the most famous light literature magazines in China. Because of my performance in the first three months and my academic background, the chief editor appointed me as junior editor of the History column. I was the youngest editor in this position. However, I quickly adapted to this position with my knowledge in historical literature. The column was only one aspect of my job. Another part was actively seeking out talented writers and their works.

Teaching Chinese

I am also a Chinese language teacher with a certification to teach Chinese as a foreign language at the advanced level. I have taught in the Huazhong University of Science & Technology for two years and the China University of Geosciences for one semester. After arriving in the United States, I taught at Hua-gen Chinese School in Gainesville and was welcomed by my lovely students.

Career Interests

  • Nonprofit Organization
  • Social Media
  • Intercultural Communication