My Gator Country ID Badge photo taken by Tim Casey of Gator Country

I'm Chris Lee and I am a senior at the college of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida. My main passion in life is sports and my goal is to turn my love for sports into a career as a sports journalist. I grew up in Clermont, Fla. and have two younger sister who were actively involved with sport during high school. I have wanted to be a sports jounalist or a sports broadcaster since eighth grade; when it became apparent that I would not be able to play professional sports due to lack of height being 5 feet 6 and my weight during my high school years at around 120 pounds.

I decided that just because I can't play sports does not mean I can't still be involved in sports in some other way. I have since devoted my time to becoming as knowledgeable about sports as I can. The sports that I can write and talk about with authority are NFL, NCAA football, NBA, NCAA basketball,Tennis,Soccer, Baseball and Mixed Martial Arts. I am a lifelong Florida Gator, Orlando Magic and Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan.

No place I'd rather be, photo provided  greatdegree

The other areas I would like to cover professionally are movies, television and video games. I am attracted to the entertainment industry, because it allows the consumer or fans to spend two to three hours a day outside of their lives and relax. Especially, today, with people all over the country who are worried about their jobs do to the economy or even those individuals who have a rough, stressful job; having that escape from life can be vital.

There are two goals with this site.

Contained in this website is a resume page, a published works page and a blog page (sports fan history). The resume page will include some quick highlights of my resume and then a pdf file that will allow you to view my whole resume. The published works page contains the stories I have done while at Gator Country Magazine, where I cover the men's tennis and track & field beats. On the published works page is an article that was published in the November issue of the magazine. Then at the bottom are links to several stories I published at Gator Country and a feature I did previewing the tennis season which is a pdf file. The last page of the site contains an excerpt from a blog I run on another site at blogspot. This blog will contain my thoughts on sports outside of Gator athletics with a focus on sports history.