I enjoy the beautiful seneries when travelling and it's so exciting to observe diverse social customs and taste various food of different areas and places. Additionally, it's a good way to broaden my horizon. These are the most important reasons why I love travelling.

Picture taken in Beijing Botanical Garden, China


In this photo, I was joining a music festival in Beijing Haidian Park, China. It was the first time that I had been to a music festival. I was so excited to see my favorite band Camera Obscura's performance! I met so many music fans from all over China. Although we did not know each other, we became friends soon because of the fact that we were all crazy about music. Thanks to their warmheartedness, I got to know some other excellent bands and singers.

Picture taken in Key West, Florida

Key West

This photo was taken when I was travelling in Key West-the southernmost part of Florida. It is a very beautiful city with various gift stores. This shop which I was standing in front of sells all kinds of souvenirs to the tourists. I bought some exquisite postcards in this shop.

In order to watch the sunrise my friends and I got up very early in the morning. The sunrise is so breathtaking that we lost ourselves in this amazing scenery. We had so much fun and took a lot of pictures.

Picture taken in Lijiang, Yunnan, China


Yunnan is my favorite resort. It is known as a tourism province in China with a great number of renowned places of interest. I am deeply attracted by its delicious food and breathtaking natural landscapes.

In this photo I was travelling in The Old Town of Lijiang. It is the most famous resort in Lijiang City of Yunnan Province and attracts tourists all around the world. I love the old-style architecture and a variety of delicious food of this town. A river runs through the whole town. Whenever you go, you can hear the soothing sound of running water.

Tips for Travelling in Yunnan, China

The Old Town of Lijiang, Yunnan, China

First, it's important to plan travelling schedules in advance. Make plans as detailed as possible. For example, it is reasonable to check the schedules of trains and buses in Yunnan that you might take before starting your journey.

Second, making hotel reservations early can save a lot of money and time.

Third, be flexible with the plan. I made my plan to travel four cities in Yunnan but then I changed my plan to focus on only three cities in order to avoid spending too much time on transportation. Therefore I have more time to enjoy myself. Keep in mind that the priority is to enjoy the trip.

Last, do not hesitate to ask local residents if you are in trouble. When I couldn't find my way, I just ask some passers-by for the direction and they are so warm-hearted and willing to offer me help.