Graduation from North China Electric Power University

Undergraduate Life

I completed my undergraduate studies in North China Electric Power University in Beijing, China and achieved my bachelor's degree in English Language in July, 2011. During the four years, I have learnt a lot about my major and taken part in a variety of activities to enrich my life. At the same time, I developed my interest in the realm of mass communication. In order to gain more knowledge about mass communication, I have read some books about this area and as well done some part-time jobs and taken some internships in this field. However, I still felt that I needed more systematical and theoretical knowledge about mass communication. Therefore, I decided to pursue my master degree in mass communication so as to equip myself with more knowledge. Luckily, I have seized the great opportunity to study what I am interested in.

College of Journalism and Communications in University of Florida

Graduate Life

Right now I am pursuing further studies in College of Journalism and Communications in University of Florida and majoring in international communication. It is a big challenge and as well a great opportunity for me to obtain some knowledge of mass communication field and media industry. I have taken courses such as Intercultural Communication, Mass Communication Research Method and Persuasion Theory and Research. Currently I am taking Mass Communication Theory, International Public Relations and Electronic Publishing. I am supposed to obtain my master's degree and graduate from the university in August, 2013. I hope I can find a well-paid job in media organizations after graduation.

Detailed Resume (PDF, 142KB)