Playing guitar


I learned to play guitar when I was a senior in my undergraduate university. After playing guitar for a year, I can play quite a few songs. My best song is The Meaning of Travel (by a famous Taiwanese singer Cheer Chen). It is such a pleasant experience to sing and play at the same time. However, when I came to the United States I didn't bring my guitar. In this photo, I was playing with my friend's guitar but I really miss my own guitar.

My favorite band-Camera Obscura


Listening to different kinds of music is an indispensible part of my life. My favourite band is Camera Obscura. The scottish band was formed in 1996 and has five members. I have listened to every song in their every album. I love all of their songs (I am not kidding!). It's the special voice of the lead singer Tracyanne Campbell that makes their music so unique to me. When listening to their songs, I feel relaxed and comfortable. Every song tells me a story and sometimes it reveals a touch of melancholy that makes me so lost in the song.

My favorite TV series-How I Met Your Mother

American TV Series

I also enjoy watching American TV series such as Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City and The Big Bang Theory. How I Met Your Mother is my favourite TV series. I have watched it for many times but I can never get bored with watching it. One of the most joyful moments for me is to hold a big bag of potato chips and watch TV series.