I have several hobbies that I enjoy doing in my free time. One is Sports specially basketball. I spent most of my day at Barnes and Nobles reading the Sports Illustrated magazine especially with the NBA season on.

My passion for Basketball started at an early age back in my native country while I was in high school. I had the opportunity to play for my high school team which I rejected because of health issues and, I thought that I was too skinny or not strong enough to play. However, I sometimes practiced at home with my brothers.

My passion for basketball has not changed a bit, unfortunately I still do not play or being part of a team. However, I have a favorite team which is the Miami Heat the best of all.


My favorites players:

In addition to my love for basketball, I am also fascinating about reading. I would read anything from romantic to drama books as long as I could learn something from what I read. I also spent my time reading about celebrities life style which encourages to subscribe to Essence Magazine: a monthly magazine for African-American women. They are basically about fashion, lifestyle and beauty.