About Me


My name is Jean-Francois, Yvelie but those who know me best called me Vivie. I was born and raised in Cap-Haitian, Haiti but moved to U.S. after graduating from high school in 2008.

Currently, I am studying Telecommunications Media and Society at the University of Florida. My journey with the Gator Nation started in the fall 2010 when I transferred to UF. I obtained my AA degree at Miami Dade College with a degree in International Relations. It was an amazing two years spent at MDC.

I am a senior and will be graduating in the summer 2012. I am also minoring in Spanish which is my fourth speaking language. After I graduate I would love to be an ambassador. Over the past few years, I spent most of my vacations time traveling all over Haiti and the U.S.; visiting places that I did not have a chance to visit while I was in Haiti. I also start my journey to travel all the states of the U.S. and so far I have traveled some states; such as Georgia, Boston, New York, Washington and Alabama.

Other interests that I have are reading, my friends, my family and Sports which you will find more details about in my favorites page. I also found myself fascinated with learning about different culture and travelling the world.