My Cats

I love my cats.

black and white cat

When I was in the fourth grade, my family adopted two kittens from the Safe Animal Shelter. My brother picked out an orange American long-haired cat and I picked out a tuxedo cat.

The tuxedo cat's name is Violet. She got that name because when we brought her home, she went straight for some silk violets and chewed on them. She eats everything, even broccoli. She is a very loud and spoiled cat. She likes to go to the opposite side of our house and cry for us to come and find her.

orange and white cat

The orange cat is Sherbet. He is crazy and very playful. He likes to chase after toy mice by tearing through our hallways and using his back paws to propel himself off the walls. He is also very sweet and has a very soft meow. He likes to cuddle and loves to play is the sink and shower. He is really odd.