Italy and Greece

Italy and Greece are amazing.

picture of Colosseum During the spring of 2010, I travelled to Italy and Greece. It was a wonderful opportunity because I was able to experience a new culture and be immersed in history. I saw the Colosseum and the Pantheon. I was also able to visit Vatican City where I saw the Sistine Chapel. In Greece, I toured the Acropolis of Athens which is where the Parthenon is located. The entire trip was very inspiring.

My favorite part of the trip was when we went to Pompeii. We got to go to a cameo factory and watch the master artisans work. I was able to buy a beautiful cameo. It had a pink shell background and a beautiful portrait of a woman with her hair up in curls and a small bow. She had a small pearl necklace around her neck and was looking off into the distance. It was so delicate and lovely that I knew I couldn't leave Italy without it.

Delphi, mountains and a bay

My favorite place was Delphi in Greece. In the past, it was considered the bellybutton of Greece. The historical site was surrounded by a beautiful small town on the corner of a cliff overlooking a bay. It was breath-taking.