My Hobbies

Welcome to my online page


Some of my hobbies are Football, Skating, and Sleep. I haven't quites mastered them all but it's still a work in progress. Since I attend the Univeristy of Florida I enjoy playing Football the most because I and it's just an exciting sport and playing in fornt of close to 100,000 people screaming and cheering will get you going

Skating is something me and my whole family has picked up. I've been skating since I was about 7yrs old so I've taken in all my bumps and bruises from falling in car porch. I used to go skating religously at least twice a month but since I've left for college I haven't been skating to much because the skating rink in Gainesville isn't to hot.

I've recently picked up the hobby of sleeping. I feel since i'm getting older and older daily sleep in becoming more and more and important. Since playing football requires a lot of time and energy I have to make sure i get my sleep. Not having enough sleep can't result in a bad, grouchy day. Plus, when there's nothing to do it'll help the time go by a lot faster.