My Gaming Addiction

Welcome to my online page


I absolutely love video games. As you can see in the images below Call of Duty Modern Warfare is one of my favorites. Video games is something I could use my whole spare time doing especially when you're trying to beat a certain and you get stuck on it but won't put the game down until you beat it. Growing up I think every child had a thing for Video Games at least for guys. I also love car racing games such as the whole Midnight Club series and the Need for Speed series.

I've gotten better at managing my time for video games but I think I'll have that kid in me for video games. Xbox has imporved thier online play so now I can team up with friends and go against people or even go up against my friends to make gaming even more competitive. I also have a xbox kinect to I can be more active when I play video games instead of sitting in front of the television for hours which I think is a good investment for people who have kids that are into video games.