Living La Vida Lauren!

My beginning adventures in fashion:

picture of me at fashion week

I started reading fashion magazines in middle school, but I never dreamed it could turn into a career until now.

After a few internships, some in New York City, the fashion world finally has a hold on me.

My work ethic has not lent to a fabulous social life, but I've been blessed with several opportunities because of it.

Recently, one of those opportunities included attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City.

I was attending shows and interning for a Public Relations firm who's client had a show, as well.

My favorite part of the trip was attending the Mara Hoffman show. I've admired her designs for so long, but seeing them go down the runway live was breathtaking.

Aside from that, I was surrounded by top magazine editors, stylists and celebrities. It was a whirlwind experience and I've already marked my calender for the next fashion week in September!

My summer plans:

This summer I plan on heading back to New York City for another internship. I think the city has a magnetic hold on me!

Walking those concrete blocks, fearlessly crossing streets and managing to catch a cab means so much more when you have a reason to be there.

Interning in the city gave me that purpose and taught me numerous lessons.

Dreams for the future:

It feels cliché to say that I want a fashion job in New York City, but that's current career goal.

Maybe one day I'll work at a fashion magazine, but I would also be happy working at a public relations firm or ad agency with fashion brands as clients. I've even considered working for a brand's in-house public relations or social media department.

I think if I continue to work hard, stay positive and pray things will fall into place.