Living La Vida Lauren!

Conquering the crafting world:

making a bracelet

When I have a little bit of spare time, I enjoy experimenting with DIY projects and crafts.

For me, it's a great way to bond with my little sister and create some cool things.

My sister is an art student and will be attending Savannah College of Art and Design in the fall.

I have the best time working on these projects with her because she's talented and always helpful.

Making bracelets and arm parties:

One of my favorite bracelets to make is a new spin on the classic chevron friendship bracelet.

After you've made the bracelet, you simply hot glue a short track of rhinestones down the center and thread around each rhinestone to cover the metal tracks. You can see an example of the finished product on the sidebar to the right.

I love accessorizing with the bracelets I make. I'll pair them with a few thin bangles and my watch for a fun and effortless look.

Experimenting with nail art:

Aside from making bracelets, I also enjoy painting my nails in different ways. Multiple fashion magazines and blogs have reported on the unusual ways people have been painting their nails.

Unless you have a very steady hand, painting intricate designs on your nails can be frustrating. There aren't always easy solutions to these difficult designs, but I have mastered one technique: the half-moon nail.

Here is a short video I made that shows how to easily paint your own half-moon nails.