Nina Golik

The Greatest Dane

Meet Junior..

I am a big animal lover, but there is no animal I love more than my dog Junior. He is a Great Dane, so as you can imagine he is not very "junior" (oh,the irony). When he is standing on just two legs he is over 6 feet tall. As big as he is, he is even a bigger baby. Almost anything will scare him, this video of him barking at a lazy boy chair is evidence enough. He is the definition of a gentle giant, any chance he gets he will try to sit on my lap. I think he is in denial that he is not a lap dog.

Great Danes really are the best dogs, in my opinion. They are very obedient and loving, but when they get excited beware. The wagging excitement of a Great Danes' tail is lethal.

There is nothing better then getting come and getting attacked with love from this big guy.