Who am I, anyway?

Me (Julia), reporting at a fashion show [Credit: Lauren Goodman].

Well, summarily, I'm Julia Glum. I'm a University of Florida sophomore studying journalism. In fact, this website is a project for one of my electives.

Language is my life.

Reading, writing, editing, communicating - I love it all. When I'm not studying mass media, you can find me up to my ears experiencing it. From CNN to Twitter, Reddit to Al Jazeera, I work hard to make sure I'm becoming the best journalist I can be.

Journalism is my greatest passion, and my background in communication gives me the experience necessary to be an educated reporter. I throw myself into any task I'm assigned - even ones I don't know much about, like coding this website - and have fun doing so. I spend eight hours a week in Weimer Hall learning to hone my skills (and I swear I climb those stairs at least twice a day!).

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