We like to eat at restaurants.

Andrea prides herself on her well-developed palate, and never turns down an opportunity to try a new restaurant in Gainesville. Fortunately for me, she always has great suggestions on where to eat come date night. Sometimes she even offers to pay— what a sweetheart!

New Deal Cafe

We ate at New Deal Cafe for dinner on Valentine's Day, and even though they had a special, limited holiday menu that night, our server was happy to take our orders from the regular menu. Andrea had a chicken panini and I had a tempeh burger, and I was quite impressed with the attention to detail our meals were made with. They came with many toppings each, and both dishes were very attractive visually. They tasted delicious and were surprisingly affordable for such an upscale little cafe. I can't forget to mention that dessert was a huge slice of chocolate cake, and it was absolutely divine. We both recommend this restaurant highly!

3445 W University Ave
Gainesville, FL 32607

Bistro 1245

Bistro 1245 is a very tiny restaurant with very tiny entrées, though this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Our meal began with two little soups: Andrea had the butternut squash and I had the mushroom. My meal was a colorful salmon sandwich; Andrea's was a cheesy chicken sandwich. Though I can't vividly remember our trip as I write this, Andrea eagerly describes it as "delicious." Bistro 1245 was a great place for a date: small, quaint, peaceful, private, with enjoyable delicacies.

1245 W University Ave
Gainesville, FL 32601

Krishna Lunch

Though not technically a restaurant, this list would be vastly incomplete without Krishna Lunch. Andrea and I eat this all-vegan meal several times a week. Only $4 a plate with unlimited seconds, Krishna Lunch is a healthy, simple way to grab lunch while on campus. The environment is friendly and welcoming. We go whenever our schedule permits, but we personally love Fridays best.

Plaza of the Americas
University of Florida