We go on other outings, too, of course.

Sometimes, dinner and a movie isn't enough: what about a trip to a museum? Or maybe a concert? Second nature to us. Here are just a few of the places we've been this year.

The Salvador Dalí Museum

What a trip. Earlier this semester, Andrea and I went to the Salvador Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. It was awesome. The museum had quite the collection of Dalí's work, and the buiding itself was whimsically beautiful. I had no idea Dalí had such a wide array of styles, periods, and media over his lifetime. I especially liked the way he effectively combined many seemingly unrelated themes in a single painting. Andrea loved too many parts of the museum to count: the seaside location, the tree adorned with visitors' old museum wristbands, the history of the collection, and a model car that was "raining" inside.

"Where's the Band?" concert

This was my favorite event of the year! (Well, other than my first date with Andrea.) The "Where's the Band" concert was an all-acoustic show. Held at Double Down Live, the lead singers of The Early November, Into It. Over It., The Get Up Kids, Saves the Day, and Bayside, respectively, played songs to an energetic, appreciative crowd for 30 minutes apiece. Andrea didn't know the bands like I did, but I loved the experience of being able to share music of my teenage (and current!) years with her. The acoustic versions of my favorite songs were in many cases more enjoyable than their full-band counterparts. I screamed my lungs out with every song, of course.

Museum Nights at the Harn

The Samuel P. Harn Museum hosts a monthly event called Museum Nights. On the first Thursday night of the month, they host free activities, hold live performances, and serve refreshments. Andrea is a student educator at the museum and often works the arts and crafts tables. Despite a whole museum to explore, I often find myself glued to the crayons and paper more than anything else. To each his own, right?

Andrea standing in front of the Harn Museum in Gainesville

Catalan cooking night

Sometimes, college is all about trying something you thought you never would. And how often do you go to a professor's home for a Catalan-themed dinner? Andrea is taking Catalan this semester and took me to Catalan cooking night as her guest. We made conversation with her classmates and linguistics graduate students, then had a traditional Catalonian dish which I remember as bread topped with tomato and eggplant. I have never been the one to try new foods, but slowly I am progressing.