Dana, pictured left, with her friend, Jenny Squires, at a Gator volleyball game.

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Historical Relevance
I incorporate history with my writing, online media and design skills. This blog is my way of sharing my journalism and history interests. My posts relate historic events, people, and ideas to current events as well as interesting topics. In college, I’ve discovered most students stray from the history subject. Many think the field requires too much reading, writing and memorization in a dull atmosphere. While there is a lot of reading and writing, I’ve found that the professors encourage stimulated discussion about the importance, the “why,” of what we are studying. Hopefully, after reading my posts, you will gain a new appreciation for history, or discover new people, events and concepts to further research.

The Journey of a Journalist
In this blog, I share the experiences I go through on my way to become a journalist. Through this process I hope you will learn valuable information as I gain insight into how the inner workings of our social society are formed. My posts relate to the fields of journalism, public relations, internships, and occasionally history.