My Nikon Camera Is My New Best Friend

A Crash Course in Photojournalism 101

I am currently learning more about how to take beautiful pictures. This semester, I am also taking Survey of Photojournalism. We have done a few photo assignments already. One of our first assignments was to take a picture of an interesting sculpture.

Here is how it turned out:

This is a statute of UF's mascots Albert and Alberta. They stand outside
of Emerson Alumni Hall at the University of Florida.

This next picture I took at UF's 2010 Gator Gallop event for another journalism course, Multimedia Reporting. This was a random picture that I rediscovered while scrolling through old files on my computer. Needless to say, it is quite interesting.

hot sauce man
Gator Gallop participants spicing things up with the Hot Sauce man.

These last two pictures are probably of moments that I had the most fun being a part of. The bottom-left picture is one I took of my friend, Skye Schmelzer, who is also a member of Gainesville's Students for a Democratic Society. The one at the bottom-right is from a Krav Maga session taught at UF Hillel.

Skye at UF Krav Maga at UF Hillel

Left: Skye Schmelzer takes a quick break from classes to grab some lunch on University Ave.

Right: Joey Chabak, owner and instructor at Pinellas Krav Maga, with UF student Amanda Solomon during a Krav Maga lesson. Krav Maga is a hand-to-hand combat self-defense system that is used by the Israeli Defense Force.