In My Dreams, I'm a Diva Like Whitney Houston

Singing Makes Me Who I Am

It has always been a dream of mine to be a singer. I've been singing for as long as I can remember. Would I say that I am the next Mariah Carey? Absolutely not! But it is something that makes me happy.

As far as performance goes, I've participated in the Women's Chorale group in high school for about three years. When I attended Valencia College, I also took voice lessons.

Strangely enough, I even auditioned for American Idol in 2009 when I still lived in Orlando! Sadly, we couldn't take photos in the Amway Arena.

head shot head shot 2
Head shots courtesy of Jolesch Photography at Plantation
High School.

When I attended Plantation High School in South Florida, we had a special "Music Day," where a photographer would come in and take pictures of everyone in the school's music program.

Sadly, I don't have many pictures that show the wonderful memories I had while performing. But here are some head shots of me from my days in the Beginning Women's group.

piano in practice room
This is the piano that my professor,
Carla DelVillaggio, would use while we did
warm up exercises and performances in class.
warming up
Courteni plays on the piano while I practice.

At Valencia College's East campus, I had a wonderful and talented professor, Carla DelVillaggio, teach our voice class.

One thing I loved about working with her is the fact that she is a soprano like myself and has such amazing voice control.

It really helped working with someone whose voice is similar to your own.

On her spare time, Ms. DelVillaggio performs as a Barbara Streisand impersonator.

Here are some pictures of my friend, Courteni Dunbar, who is currently studying music at Valencia College, and me in the practice room where my voice class would take place.

Singing in here really brought back memories. Sadly, I haven't sung in a practice room since I graduated from Valencia in Spring 2010.

Occasionally, I go with a small group of friends to sing karaoke at Alley Gatorz bowling alley in Gainesville. It may not be the one-way ticket to stardom, but it is tons of fun. I doubt I'll be getting a record deal anytime soon, but I'll definitely try my best!