Staci's Hobby

Rockin' Out Since 2006

The Beginning: Deep Purple

At 12 years old, I got my electric guitar. A deep, sparkling purple Ibanez guitar that I coveted in the music store by my house for months. I would go into the music store constantly and look at the guitars. I would take down the electric guitars that caught my eye and play them. The sparkling purple one was my favorite. My mom and dad got me this guitar as a present for my bat-mitzvah, a right of passage in the Jewish religion. The first song I learned to play was Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple. The introduction, or riff, of the song is very simple to learn and a great place for beginners to start.

My song history:

Since starting to play seven years ago, I have taken lessons and taught myself songs through online resources. Some of the songs I have learned to play include:



Interested in Learning Guitar?

Many people want to learn how to play an instrument. It can be overwhelming but it is a relaxing and fun activity.

Here are some tips and resources for people who want to start playing:

Don't Rush: Learning a new skill can be overwhelming, but set goals for yourself and work towards one goal at a time. The first thing I would recommend is going to a music store and playing with the guitars. Don't commit to buying one until you know it is something you really like. Take a lesson or two and see if guitar is right for you. It isn't easy learning to play an instrument and practicing can be very frustrating. Don't spend hundreds of dollars on a guitar until you are ready to commit!

Reinforcement: Practice as much as possible or you will lose what you have learned. Also, build on what you have been working on. Add a few new chords each time you practice. Remember to start simply. If you start learning a very complicated song with chords that are spread out all over the neck of the guitar, you will become frustrated and discouraged.

Help Yourself: Don't rely on teachers for everything. The internet is a great resource full of tutorials. I have used a number of videos to help me practice songs. The internet also has charts of the chords, but I find it easier to watch people play. You may have to rewatch the videos, or sections of the videos, multiple times. YouTube is also a great place to find tutorials.