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Jacksonville Jaguars

I'm a huge fan of NFL football. On each and every Sunday of the Fall season, you can find me rooting on my favorite team: the Jacksonville Jaguars. I began watching the Jaguars in 2001, and have been bleeding teal ever since.

Prediction for the 2012 season

The media may tell you otherwise, but I truly believe the Jaguars are destined for great fortunes this season. Not only do they have a young quarterback and a top-flight defense, they have the NFL's leading rusher at their disposal. Their new owner, Shad Khan, has also stated he is preparing to open the checkbook in order to bring this team a Superbowl.

I believe Blaine Gabbert will build upon his rookie campaign and have a great season this year. He showed flashes of greatness last season; unfortunately, the lack of weapons around him limited his abilities to move the team downfield. If the Jaguars are able to acquire new weapons for Blaine Gabbert to utilize, watch out.