Doug Burkhart

My Hobbies

My dog & cat
Kya (left) and Asia (right).


My two furry friends pictured to the right are the family pets. When I am home in Ohio, I spend a lot of time playing with these little guys. I have had about seven dogs, over a dozen cats, and a ferret as pets. I have a passion for animals and upon graduating college I hope to purchase a puppy of my own - the dog of choice, a boxer.


When I am not busy working or studying, I enjoy pretty much anything related to sports. I grew up playing sports and still enjoy recreational games on campus, I have attended sporting events since I was a little kid and continue to go to all types of events to this day. I also officiate numerous sports on campus and at the high school level. No matter what the setting, I am always looking for the next opportunity to take part in a sporting event. However, as an avid fan of all Cleveland sports, I have yet to see one of my teams win a championship during my lifetime. My lifelong goal is to one day attend a baseball game in every professional stadium in the U.S.


I like many people these days am a facebook junkie. I get on facebook at least five times a day just to see what's going on with my friends and occassionally post a status which usually amounts to my ranting and raving on something sports related. Recently, I have also took up the trend of tweeting and look to establish a following as the year progresses. Given my desire to discuss all that is sports, I hope to soon start a sports blog of my own. Given my new found knowledge of html and css, it may now be a blog I develop on my own and to which I give it's own flare.


I am also a huge movie fan. I have a collection of movies that I could count, but choose not to due to the size of the collection. I enjoy all types of movies except for scary movies - not for fear but for lack of entertainment. I like movies that revolve around conspiracies and robberies. Given that, you could imagine that the Bourne and Ocean's trilogies are among my favorites.