Because I'm young, and this is the time, right?

I have been lucky enough to travel to a few places in my lifetime, but I desperately want to explore more of the world. My favorite two places that I have been so far are the Bahamas and New York City.

I have been to the Bahamas a couple of times, the latest being last spring break, with three of my close friends. As you can imagine, we had an excellent time.

The Bahamas, Spring 2011

The water there is so beautiful-- looking at it in pictures is surreal, I always question if the water was actually that color in reality, but it was. I can't wait to go back.

New York city, December 2010

Another of my favorite places is New York City. When I stepped off the plane two years ago and saw NYC for the first time, I fell in love. I would love to go back, or even live there after I graduate. Not only do I love the city, with its skyscrapers, Broadway plays and wonderful mix of cultures, but I love the weather! I went when it was, um, quite chilly. When we landed, a blizzard was coming. For the next few days, it snowed almost continuously, and I seemed to be one of the few from my Florida-based family that was happy about it! I think that week in New York convinced me that I could live up north permanently.