Hey Career, what's shakin'?

What career, you ask?
Okay, okay, you're right; I don't have one yet.

But I'm trying to work on that! In a year, I will blow this popsicle stand we call Gainesville and attempt a life on my own. That makes me incredibly nervous, but I'm slowly figuring it all out.

The Alligator Advertising Team, 2011

As of now, I am the Campus Representative at The Independent Florida Alligator. The Alligator is not only the largest student-run newspaper in the country, but it is also financially independent from the University of Florida. This means that all of the income for the entire newspaper comes from the advertising department, which is made up of three career-staff managers and eight student sales representatives.

The team trying to have fun, 2010

I am the Campus Representative, so I handle all of the UF accounts' advertising. UF accounts for approximately half of all ad sales, so I stay pretty busy. I have been at the paper for almost two years, and I feel that it has taught me an enormous amount about dealing with people, staying organized and how a newspaper functions. I hope I can learn more here, and at other jobs/internships, before I fly the coop and move on.

But what about my writing experience?

I also used to contribute stories to The Alligator, but had to stop until I leave the advertising department. For ethical reasons, the newsroom and advertising office are completely separate-- we don't want businesses to get a story written about them just because they advertise, etc. However, you can find a couple of my clips here.