My husband and I on Jamaica's beach

Beautiful Vacation Getaways

As you all know I am recently married. For our honeymoon My husband, Michael and I traveled to Jamaica. This is the first place I have ever traveled to and it was absolutely beautiful. We stayed at the Sandals Resort and we were treated like royalty. The location was just amazing. The sand was soft and perfect and the water was crystal clear. We weren't allowed to travel off of the resort but we did experience the culture nonetheless. Jerk chicken is to die for!

I was born in Wisconsin so once every two years my family and I try to travel back home to see the rest of the family. We always drive and stop to sleep in Kentucky. I never see much there because we stop late at night to sleep and wake up early to hit the road. Wisconsin is beautiful though. The grass is perfectly green everywhere. Unlike Florida, you can see all the changes each season brings. Fall is my favorite!

So other than that I haven't traveled much. This summer my husband and I will be traveling a bit. Were going to New York and Washington D.C. Even though were staying within the United States I'm very excited.