A picture I took at Walt Disney World of Walt Disney

My Inspiration

I am currently majoring in public relations. I am still deciding what it is I want to do. This is making it hard for me to utilize my internship opportunities because I'm really not sure what specialized area I want to go in. I know I want to change the world. I want to help people and make a difference.

Although I'm not sure what direction I'm taking my goal is to become very successful. That doesn't exactly mean I want to make a lot of money. My main goal is to make a change in many lives. I want to be a great leader and an inspiration.

My role model has been Walt Disney ever since I was in the sixth grade. He changed so many lives. Walt Disney World is my favorite place on earth. Mr. Disney himself knew he needed to create a place for people to escape, to be happy and to "make dreams come true." Walt Disney Land wasn't big enough for him. He kept dreaming and soon he created a world of happiness within Walt Disney World. He was a very successful man. I aspire to be like him, just in my own way.

My goal is to be a public relations intern for Walt Disney World. To be able to work for a huge company that makes so many people happy would be my dream internship. I would love to be a part of innovating new ideas and reaching the public. In order to be an intern for Disney you have to have a lot of experience. Below are some links to my most favorite pieces I've done so far.

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My Resume