My husband on the right and me on the left

Welcome World!

My name is Stephanie Blackwell and I am a junior at the The University of Florida. I am a transfer student from Central Florida College located in Ocala and I'm majoring in public relations. I love being able to call myself a Gator. It's awfully flattering knowing I'm attending the best school in the state. My life has just begun a whole new and exciting chapter.

I'm recently married and with the marriage came the big move out of my parent's home straight to Gainesville to start school. So with that being said, I got married on August 6th 2011, moved to a new home August 14th 2011, and started school and a new job all in one week. My life has completely taken a turn but I love every bit of it. I have started my new life in a fun-filled city, at an amazing school and with my best friend.