This is What I (Barely) Get Paid To Do

I was lucky enough to be able to get a job with the largest student run newspaper in the United States, The Independent Florida Alligator, after freelancing for them for only one semester when I took JOU3101, better known as Reporting.

I'd like to think that after surving the near-death experince of that class, I was rewarded with the job. Maybe I'm just lucky. Or maybe they actually like my writing.

Either way, here are some of my favorite stories I've written.

Plame Discusses Being Outed

In this story, a former outed CIA agent came and spoke to UF students about her experince, how underhanded the Iraq war was and how even after all that happened she still loves and repects her countries and leaders. I had lots of fun with the lede to this story and really like the job the photographer did with the picture.

UF Scuba Club Carves Pumpkins Underwater

When I wrote this story as a freelancer, I was able to spend the whole day with the UF scuba club and see them suit-up early in the morning and watch the pieces of pumpkin float to the surface of the water until the late afternoon as they carved. I only wish that I had been certified to dive, because I feel it would have brought more to the story. But, I'm still happy with how it turned out.

Meyers Looks To Continue the Unite Party's reign over SG

Right before UF's Student Government elections The Alligator's SG writer left the paper. Short-staffed on the university section of the already, the editor asked me to write on the SG beat. Everyone I told expressed their condolences because of the boring nature of the subject area. I couldn't have been more thrilled to jump on SG at the beginning of election season. This story is on the presidential canidate for the Unite Party who has won majority in SG since the party began three years ago. This story was really fun to write because I was able to spend lots of time with Ben Meyers and learn about his family, his plan for SG if elected and fun idiosyncrasies of his life like a small, disposable toothbrush in his office and his pair of lucky shorts.

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