Fragments of a Person...

...all the fun facts and in betweens
Hannah Winston

To put it simply, I am a cynical idealist. Words are pretty nifty in my opinion. I live for the newsroom. I drink my coffee black and with too much sugar. I adore questions and writing letters. I'm terribly curious. I own more dresses than I have places to wear them. I am a bibliophile. I enjoy piano music and wish I had learned play. Sunday mornings are my favorite. It may not seem like it at first, but I am awfully competitive and cannot imagine my life without sports. The beach and baseball fields are my two favorite places to be outdoors. Or my garden with orchids and veggies. If you see someone with her windows down, blasting music at the max and singing just as loud, with one leg up driving, it's probably me behind the wheel. I wanted to be an astronaut growing up and I'm still in love with eveything celestial.

The universe is pretty incredible, take a look.