My sister and I floating in front of the Seven Mile Bridge. Copyright Brittany Wienke 2009.

I've been very lucky--in the nineteen years I've been alive, I've had the pleasure of traveling to eight different countries, some of which I've vistied multiple times. Unfortunately, most of this traveling took place before the mass popularization of digital photography. The best photos I have from my travels are from a week long trip to the Florida Keys: not as exotic as Argentina or France, but definitely a beautiful destination.

I went with my father and sister in the summer of 2009, right before I started my freshman year of college. Pictured right is my sister and I in front of the world-famous Seven Mile Bridge which connects Knight's Key and Little Duck Key.

The Key Deer wants a nibble of my melon. Copyright Victoria Wienke 2009.

Right after this picture was taken, the boat ran out of gas and we were stranded in the middle of the ocean for about two hours--no radio, no cell phones, but more importantly, no one to call. Luckily a friendly boater towed us back to the nearest shore and we hitched a ride to Big Pine Key, where we were staying.

The house we stayed in was on a canal. Living in the mangroves lining the canal were three iguanas: one enormous, four-foot-long, elephantine iguana, a medium-sized, middle-aged iguana, and a small iguana, only about a foot long. My sister and I forgot our age and chased them.

The Keys are also home to a unique species of deer, called Key Deer. This little guy came out of the mangroves on our last day, just as we were packing up the car. I was enjoying a piece of canteloupe, which I felt compelled to share with him.